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Thread: Mouse Wheel Scroll Focus

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    Mouse Wheel Scroll Focus

    I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Budgie over the weekend and the way the mouse wheel is scrolling is unusual. I've been researching and haven't found the answer. One unusual behavior is the mouse wheel will scroll areas of a webpage that are in focus. For example, if I load Google maps, upon initial load, you can see your cursor in the search bar in the upper left. When I hover my mouse over the actual map and start using mouse wheel, it will cycle through the past inputs into the search bar, when I expect it to zoom in and out of the map. That's because the focus is in the search bar. When I click the map, the focused area is not the search bar anymore and the mouse wheel will then start scrolling up and down the map, not zooming in and out. Only when I click the + or - icon for zoom in the lower right corner will the mouse wheel then zoom in and out.

    Other weird behaviors - mouse wheel in terminal cycles back and forward through history commands not up and down the window. Only when I hold Ctrl and use mouse wheel will the window text move up and down, which is what I want to happen without having to hold Ctrl. Also, when I hover over a non-targeted window, the mouse wheel will not scroll through that window - it will scroll in the targeted window. I worked around this by installing gnome tweaks and there is an option to focus on hover. However, that is not the real solution that I wanted, and would prefer to keep focus where it was despite mouse hover.

    Any help?
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