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Thread: Help get Affinity Photo on the WINE wish list

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    Help get Affinity Photo on the WINE wish list

    For some time now people have been trying to run Serif design software like Affinity Photo on WINE, because Affinity products are affordable alternatives to Adobe software. Many of us who do some semi-professional design on the side are dual-booting to Windows, and it would be a pleasure not to have to do that anymore. So far, the software runs but doesn't get past initializing the art board due to some hardware acceleration functions.

    Affinity users have been asking for a Linux version on the Serif forums since 2014, but Serif has indicated they don't wish to maintain a Linux version next to the Windows and OSX version currently. They did say they wouldn't mind cooperating with WINE devs when asked.

    Since WINE, Lutris and Proton are making big steps lately, we would like to draw some more attention to the desire to get WINE running Affinity products by getting Affinity Photo on the WINE wish list. Now that many Windows games run on Ubuntu through Steam Proton, it feels like we can almost get rid of Windows altogether.

    If you have a WineHQ account, or are passionate about this too and don't mind creating one, you can vote for Affinity Photo when you are logged in. Click "Vote" under "Application Details" on the right. You can cast up to three votes by checking all three checkboxes.

    Affinity Designer seems to have the exact same problem on WINE, so if you're only interested in Designer, it makes sense to cast your vote for Photo in stead. When all votes are concentrated on one application/release, it has a higher chance of being voted to the top, and relevant bug fixes are likely to fix the issues with Designer as well.

    If you're reading this and through some magical wonder Affinity Photo is already on top of the list, feel free to vote for Affinity Designer in stead, so we can have both applications on top of the list and really make the desire known.

    Of course getting these applications on top of the wish list does not guarantee a fix, but at least it's an interesting experiment. After all, the list was made to gauge what applications are most desirable to get working on WINE.
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    Re: Help get Affinity Photo on the WINE wish list

    Moved to ULOSC. Not a technical support request.
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    Re: Help get Affinity Photo on the WINE wish list

    Meh. Why not virtualize Windows, dual boot, or even keep a separate Windows machine?

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