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Thread: [ubuntu][20.04 LTS] Weather applet not showing forecast

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    [ubuntu][20.04 LTS] Weather applet not showing forecast

    Hello !
    Since a fortnight, (approx.) my weather applet is not showing any weather forecast. Only the current temp and cloud/rain status.
    I live in France so look at French cities weather forecast. It is all the same whatever location I use.
    The applet identifies itself as "Météo" version 3.36.1 and it seems to use the packages :
    ii  gir1.2-gweather-3.0:amd64                     3.36.1-1~ubuntu20.04.1                     amd64        GObject introspection data for the GWeather library
    ii  gnome-shell-extension-weather                 0~20170402.git34506a6-2                    all          weather extension for GNOME Shell
    ii  gnome-weather                                 3.36.1-1                                   all          access current conditions and forecasts
    ii  libgweather-3-16:amd64                        3.36.1-1~ubuntu20.04.1                     amd64        GWeather shared library
    ii  libgweather-common                            3.36.1-1~ubuntu20.04.1                     all          GWeather common files
    I've tried to reinstall all the avove mentioned packages but to no avail.
    As I use the standard Gnome shell (version 3.36.4 ) I tried looking at the Gnome shell extension page. It shows an "ERROR" red flag on the OpenWeather extension item. (as this is a "system extenson" control are pretty limited on this one..
    For now, I'm at sea, lost. So all help I can get will be vasty appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance for your help.
    P.S. : I've tried all Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse locations I know of with the same result.

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    Re: [ubuntu][20.04 LTS] Weather applet not showing forecast

    Go here and download the file. The only problem that I had was that the software installer refused to install this file on 2 different machines and I had to use gdebi to install it. gdebi is avaialble in the repositories.

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    Re: [ubuntu][20.04 LTS] Weather applet not showing forecast

    OK, I downloaded it and installed it. Still no forecast. What else should I do as it is an XFCE package and I use Gnome ?


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