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Thread: Installing Grub unattended

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    Installing Grub unattended

    Hi folks!

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu (focal) from a Live system using debootstrap with the attached bootstrap-ubuntu script.
    This works fine when I manually confirm the dpkg dialogs and select /dev/sda.
    However I'd like to run this completely unattended and when I replace the linux-generic install line with
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive chroot /mnt apt-get install -yq linux-generic
    chroot /mnt grub-install /dev/sda
    chroot /mnt update-grub
    , Grub won't be installed, at least not in a state that makes it boot the system.

    Can anyone help me, please?
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    Re: Installing Grub unattended

    Just for the record:I had to preseed the answer with this:
    echo "deb focal universe" >> /mnt/etc/apt/sources.list
    chroot /mnt apt-get update
    chroot /mnt apt-get install -y debconf-utils
    disk=$(find /dev -type l -lname '*/sda' -path '*/by-id/*')
    chroot /mnt debconf-set-selections << HERE_I_AM
    grub-pc    grub-pc/install_devices    multiselect    $disk
    chroot /mnt apt-get install -y linux-generic

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