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Thread: xapian indexing

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    xapian indexing

    I have made an alias to run xapian indexing when I want to. However I can't find a way to disable xapian indexing running automatically and yet still have it available to run manually. It really slows my old desktop. I am running xubuntu 20.04

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    Re: xapian indexing

    I don't know much about xapian, but I experimented with the C++ and Python API some time ago, so maybe I can help.

    From the xapian website:
    Xapian is an Open Source Search Engine Library, released under the GPL v2+. It's written in C++, with bindings to allow use from Perl, Python 2, Python 3, PHP 5, PHP 7, Java, Tcl, C#, Ruby, Lua, Erlang, Node.js and R (so far!)
    How are you interfacing with the library?

    Please post your alias.

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    Re: xapian indexing

    Recoll is a GUI frontend to xapiandb and can be configured with index scheduling.
    I monitor recoll indexing process through Stacer - another GUI.
    Sometimes starts fans going.
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