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Thread: 20.04 LTS - .To Partition or not Partition?

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    20.04 LTS - .To Partition or not Partition?

    Having used ubuntu since 2007, I have always installed with separate partitions for home and root. However, I have always done fresh installs.
    I now have a computer with 20.04 pre-installed without partitioning. If I wanted to perform a new upgrade install of 22.04 presumably next year,
    would re-installing the current OS with separate partitions for /home and / be helpful?

    If so, should I add a swap partition? I read that the latest ubuntus install by default with a partition file, but I see that it is a matter of discussion.
    After all, Linus T seems to favor continuing with swap partition ...

    I should note that I am a happily retired programmer and although I'm still doing a little coding, the target machine is meant to be a workstation
    for only a slightly higher level than casual use.

    As an addendum, I am unable to edit my signature. I getting a permission denied message when I attempt to post changes.
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