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Thread: Lenovo L340 Ubuntu 20.10/Linux problems: Brightness + Wifi + Suspension (+Battery opt

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    Question Lenovo L340 Ubuntu 20.10/Linux problems: Brightness + Wifi + Suspension (+Battery opt

    I'll request help and try to organize here any information on issues regards Lenovo L340 (my specific model is 81tr003br) with current Ubuntu 20.10 Kernel 5.8.0-44-generic

    1. Brightness (backlight) can't be changed.
    I've tried some tweaks, but nothing seems to work.
    I'm using the following program as a workaround:
    sudo apt install brightness-controller
    This won't fix anything but works to change brightness until system is restarted

    > I have already tried an early Ubuntu 21.04 live image, still the same problem.

    > I already tried Noveau and Nvidia drivers, nothing changed.

    This bug was already addressed (not solved):

    2. System can't resume from suspension.

    Maybe some advanced tweaks with kernel and all that can fix it, but I haven't tried then yet.

    3. Wifi sometimes doesn't work.

    Wifi seems to work fine, but sometimes it just won't work after system boot, usually it will work after restart.

    Workaround: turn wifi off and on again seems to fix this problem in the current session.

    4. Batery

    Batery consumption is within "normal", which gives around 3:30 hours of not intensive use. But Ubuntu lacks any preinstalled tweak to improve battery consumption. Later i'll try auto-cpufreq and TLP.

    5. Touchpad hotkey toggle (F6 or FN+F6) doesn't work
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