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Thread: port triggering

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    port triggering

    I am trying to set up a port trigger over WAN on a remote asus router (rt ac 88u) for rdp access. I understand port forwarding but am trying to make use of port triggering with no luck. The remote xubuntu computer has the firewall allowing 3389 and 3355. So I am trying to have rdp go to the remote router on 3355 and then the remote xubuntu on 3389. So I have remmina set to the remote iport 3355. It doesn't work. I also tried reversing the numbers on port triggering and still no luck. I have total access to the remote router and computer.


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    Re: port triggering

    Allowing rdp over the internet is a security failure. Use a VPN and tunnel the rdp traffic through that.

    Every week, are international stories about how some utility/infrastructure IT person decided to allow rdp into work for convenience and got hacked. Please don't do it.

    Use x2go into a Linux machine over the internet if you don't want a full VPN. x2go just needs ssh, which we know how to secure.

    I've never heard of a router specifically supporting port triggering. Where is the magic packet specified to open the service?

    I'll go away now.
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