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Thread: Ubuntu not visable on other network compuiters

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    Question Ubuntu not visable on other network compuiters

    I recently install Ubuntu 21.04.
    The next task was to install Samba to share my HDD.
    After carefully configuring Samba to do a dummy share file I went to my Win7 machine to see if it worked.
    Usually on the Win7 machine I see the Ubuntu machine as a network computer. This time nothing!
    The Win7 machine does show all the other computers and devices on the network but NOT Ubuntu.
    As a note if I go the the Ubuntu machine a open the file manager I can see the files I want to share.
    AND If i i connect to the Win7 machine as a server I can see the files share on it.
    The question is: Why can't I see Ubuntu on other computers on the network?

    I appreciate your fast response.
    I know this is a new release but this process has worked since day one?
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    Re: Ubuntu not visable on other network compuiters

    Welcome to Ubuntu Forums.

    Ubuntu hirsute hippo is still in development, and won't be released until 2021-April when it'll become Ubuntu 21.04 (and be classed as stable).

    If you haven't used a development system before, you'll note the occasional problems, so if you don't know how to resolve them, work around them, you really shouldn't be using the release until it's deemed stable (which is still some time away with hirsute)

    You've also tagged this Lubuntu, I see no reference to Lubuntu (or was posting in other flavors an error)?

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    Re: Ubuntu not visable on other network compuiters

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