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Thread: Openstack deployment issues

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    Openstack deployment issues


    I am getting hook failed: "config-changed", any guidance to debug the issue. I had deployed this through juju, status was working fine until I deployed VM instance.

    ovn-chassis/0*             error     idle                          hook failed: "config-changed"
    labuser@maas:~$ juju status
    Model      Controller       Cloud/Region           Version  SLA          Timestamp
    openstack  juju-controller  2.7.6    unsupported  20:19:00Z
    App                     Version  Status   Scale  Charm                   Store       Rev  OS      Notes
    ceph-mon                15.2.7   active       1  ceph-mon                jujucharms   53  ubuntu
    ceph-osd                15.2.7   active       2  ceph-osd                jujucharms  308  ubuntu
    ceph-radosgw            15.2.7   active       1  ceph-radosgw            jujucharms  294  ubuntu
    cinder                  17.0.1   active       1  cinder                  jujucharms  308  ubuntu
    cinder-ceph             17.0.1   active       1  cinder-ceph             jujucharms  260  ubuntu
    cinder-mysql-router     8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    dashboard-mysql-router  8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    glance                  21.0.0   active       1  glance                  jujucharms  303  ubuntu
    glance-mysql-router     8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    keystone                18.0.0   active       1  keystone                jujucharms  321  ubuntu
    keystone-mysql-router   8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    mysql-innodb-cluster    8.0.23   active       3  mysql-innodb-cluster    jujucharms    5  ubuntu
    neutron-api             17.0.0   active       1  neutron-api             jujucharms  292  ubuntu
    neutron-api-plugin-ovn  17.0.0   active       1  neutron-api-plugin-ovn  jujucharms    4  ubuntu
    neutron-mysql-router    8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    nova-cloud-controller   22.0.1   active       1  nova-cloud-controller   jujucharms  352  ubuntu
    nova-compute            22.0.1   active       1  nova-compute            jujucharms  325  ubuntu
    nova-mysql-router       8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    ntp                     3.5      active       1  ntp                     jujucharms   44  ubuntu
    openstack-dashboard     18.6.1   active       1  openstack-dashboard     jujucharms  311  ubuntu
    ovn-central             20.03.1  active       2  ovn-central             jujucharms    5  ubuntu
    ovn-chassis             20.03.1  error        1  ovn-chassis             jujucharms   10  ubuntu
    placement               4.0.0    active       1  placement               jujucharms   17  ubuntu
    placement-mysql-router  8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    rabbitmq-server         3.8.2    active       1  rabbitmq-server         jujucharms  108  ubuntu
    vault                   1.5.4    blocked      1  vault                   jujucharms   44  ubuntu
    vault-mysql-router      8.0.23   active       1  mysql-router            jujucharms    6  ubuntu
    Unit                         Workload  Agent  Machine   Public address  Ports              Message
    ceph-mon/0*                  active    idle   0/lxd/0                       Unit is ready and clustered
    ceph-osd/0                   active    idle   0                        Unit is ready (1 OSD)
    ceph-osd/1*                  active    idle   1                       Unit is ready (1 OSD)
    ceph-radosgw/0*              active    idle   0/lxd/1    80/tcp             Unit is ready
    cinder/0*                    active    idle   0/lxd/2    8776/tcp           Unit is ready
      cinder-ceph/0*             active    idle                          Unit is ready
      cinder-mysql-router/0*     active    idle                          Unit is ready
    glance/0*                    active    idle   0/lxd/3    9292/tcp           Unit is ready
      glance-mysql-router/0*     active    idle                          Unit is ready
    keystone/0*                  active    idle   0/lxd/4    5000/tcp           Unit is ready
      keystone-mysql-router/0*   active    idle                          Unit is ready
    mysql-innodb-cluster/0*      active    idle   1                       Unit is ready: Mode: R/O
    mysql-innodb-cluster/1       active    idle   0/lxd/5                       Unit is ready: Mode: R/W
    mysql-innodb-cluster/2       active    idle   1/lxd/0                       Unit is ready: Mode: R/O
    neutron-api/0*               active    idle   0/lxd/6    9696/tcp           Unit is ready
      neutron-api-plugin-ovn/0*  active    idle                          Unit is ready
      neutron-mysql-router/0*    active    idle                          Unit is ready
    nova-cloud-controller/0*     active    idle   0/lxd/7    8774/tcp,8775/tcp  Unit is ready
      nova-mysql-router/0*       active    idle                          Unit is ready
    nova-compute/0*              active    idle   1                       Unit is ready
      ntp/0*                     active    idle       123/udp            chrony: Ready
      ovn-chassis/0*             error     idle                          hook failed: "config-changed"
    openstack-dashboard/0*       active    idle   0/lxd/8    80/tcp,443/tcp     Unit is ready
      dashboard-mysql-router/0*  active    idle                          Unit is ready
    ovn-central/0                active    idle   0/lxd/9     6641/tcp,6642/tcp  Unit is ready (northd: active)
    ovn-central/1*               active    idle   1/lxd/1    6641/tcp,6642/tcp  Unit is ready (leader: ovnnb_db, ovnsb_db)
    placement/0*                 active    idle   0/lxd/10    8778/tcp           Unit is ready
      placement-mysql-router/0*  active    idle                          Unit is ready
    rabbitmq-server/0*           active    idle   0/lxd/11    5672/tcp           Unit is ready
    vault/0*                     blocked   idle   0/lxd/12    8200/tcp           Vault service not running
      vault-mysql-router/0*      active    idle                          Unit is ready
    Machine   State    DNS           Inst id               Series  AZ       Message
    0         started   controller            focal   default  Deployed
    0/lxd/0   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-0   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/1   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-1   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/2   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-2   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/3   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-3   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/4   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-4   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/5   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-5   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/6   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-6   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/7   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-7   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/8   started  juju-766828-0-lxd-8   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/9   started   juju-766828-0-lxd-9   focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/10  started  juju-766828-0-lxd-10  focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/11  started  juju-766828-0-lxd-11  focal   default  Container started
    0/lxd/12  started  juju-766828-0-lxd-12  focal   default  Container started
    1         started  compute               focal   default  Deployed
    1/lxd/0   started  juju-766828-1-lxd-0   focal   default  Container started
    1/lxd/1   started  juju-766828-1-lxd-1   focal   default  Container started
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    Re: Openstack deployment issues

    Moved to Virtualisation sub-forum.


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