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Thread: Gxmessage text position

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    Question Gxmessage text position

    Hi Guys,

    I am running Pop_OS 20.04. I am using remind and gxmessage to send popup reminders of things I need to do.
    I wrote a small script to add the reminder to my reminder's file and use a script that starts at login to look for and trigger the popup at the specified time.

    My question is does anyone know how I can change the default alignment of the text as it appears in the popup window?
    Currently the text is aligned at the very top of the popup window and I would like it to be in the center of the window.
    See the screen shot below:
    Screenshot from 2021-02-27 11-57-33.jpg

    I wonder if this is a Pop_OS thing as I have used this script on Ubuntu without any problem.
    Thank you,
    GG -----------

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    Re: Gxmessage text position


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