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Thread: Add then make persistent screen custom resolution

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    Question Add then make persistent screen custom resolution


    I wonder which is (for Ubuntu setup as summarized below) the optimal level of whole graphic stack to add custom screen resolution settings and made that resolution system reboot/shutdown persistent.
    Grub, or kernel, or Xorg, or window manager, or desktop environment, any else?

    This is about Ubuntu 20.04, using Xorg yet running on VirtualBox 6.1.18 virtual machine in full-screen mode, VB virtual graphic controller VMSVGA, host screen native resolution is 2560x1440.
    In gdm3 Ubuntu startup step "Ubuntu" is selected, not "Ubuntu Wayland".
    Am I right Wayland is for Ubuntu 20.04.x not the stock graphic server?

    Host screen resolution is not on list of display resolution choices - Ubuntu settings, Display.
    Hence, native resolution mode seems to be added then activated.
    Which of mentioned graphic whole stack levels is optimal one to do it?
    How to do it over there?

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    Re: Add then make persistent screen custom resolution

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