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Thread: SSD help

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    SSD help

    I just upgraded my hdd for a Crucial mx500 ssd i can run the trim command with (sudo fstrim -v /) command. This cleans up the root partition i think. Have it set as a cron job but i guess what i'm asking is there anything else i need to do to maintain it. I read somewhere about deleting blocks but can't find out how to do that or even what it does. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SSD help

    I used to add my own cron job.
    But now it is a systemd item.

    fred@z170-focal-k:~$ systemctl status fstrim.timer

    I do change mount in fstab to use noatime.
    Be sure to have good backups as once trim has run there will be no older deleted copies to recover with photorec.

    I have Samsung NVMe drive and downloaded new firmware from Samsung and updated it.
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    Re: SSD help

    I built my Threadripper system in June 2019:

    Building a Threadripper System for Slackware...

    For this system I actually purchased 2 x Crucial MX500 2.5inch SSDs of 2GB each and have kept them humming along since that time. You have not given the size of your drives but the 2GB drives have a TBW (Terabytes Written) company spec of a more than adequate 700TB, the bigger drives are guaranteed for a longer life than the smaller drives.

    I run the development version of Slackware on this system and thus usually upgrade the OS components every week or so and I always run the following after each upgrade:

    fstrim -av
    This has always been enough for me and my drives are now almost 2 years old without any drama. You and I have chosen well .
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