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Thread: Super uninformed/dumb person needs help

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    Super uninformed/dumb person needs help

    Version: Ubuntu 20.04
    System: MacBook model A1534/EMC 2746

    Hey everyone so I’m just gonna put out there I’m really really new into Linux and anything coding related so try not to get too frustrated with me.

    I had recently been gifted a MacBook 12” that was my moms a few years back which she never used, with the usb-c Jack only and decided that i want to try using a Linux OS which I’ve never even tried before. I messed around on the VM first but then decided eventually just making a bootable flash drive and doing a single boot, wiping all else to make my Mac strictly Ubuntu.

    Cutting to the chase, after a bit of messing with things i believe i completely caused a serious problem by either, a. Not ejecting a separate bootable flash drive and/ or doing forced reboots (holding down the power button to shut off) multiple times. Maybe it was something else but i heard that was no bueno.

    That leads me to where i am now. This is the process of it now.

    Start up laptop and immediately just get the message

    “Failed to Set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter
    Could not create mokListRT: Invalid Parameter
    Importing MOK states has failed: import_mok_state() failed: Invalid Parameter
    Continuing boot since secure mode is disabled.”

    So i haven’t even been able to use any of grubs things.

    Then once it’s done booting i have no internet access because my Broadcom BRCM4350 wireless adapter refuses to work. So i can’t install anything.

    Lost a lot of core data/files and I’ve been trying for the past few days literally everything you can think of. I’ve exhausted all my options and really at this point just want to wipe the disk. Can’t even get the disk to unmount/remount to the swap on reboot no matter what i do with the settings so i just really don’t know what to do. Maybe I’m just totally missing something. I have a bootable flash drive i jus made with one downloadable file i had left, but it was kali Linux instead of Ubuntu. Made it on the default app on Ubuntu “bootable drive” or whatever it’s called.

    Attempted to boot up and press command and a few other keys on different attempts before anything and it still just greets me with the message i stated earlier, but now it just stays stuck on the Ubuntu logo page. Can’t even get to the desktop anymore.

    As dumb as i may be, is there anything anyone could recommend i do from this point forward? I really appreciate the patience and help.
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    Re: Super uninformed/dumb person needs help

    Moved to Apple Hardware Users.

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    Re: Super uninformed/dumb person needs help

    My apologies. Won’t happen again.

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    Re: Super uninformed/dumb person needs help

    have a look here
    xubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (focal fossa)

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