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Thread: Thoughts needed

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    Thoughts needed

    I think I've ran my course here @ UF. I used to love the folks here, but as of late it seems a real negative tone has taken root here. Don't mis-read my thoughts here as there is still a handful or more that are just plain wonderful members
    It might be because nice people tend to lose patience and go away, so that the forums have nothing but griefers left.
    I just ignore them. And it's true, people have gotten ruder over the years. I suspect they don't know the answer at all and just want to belittle someone.

    I suppose We're all just simply discovering human nature for what it is.
    All Testers and Developers that I'm involved with think I'm wasting my time in user forums. I've never felt that way till just now.
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    Re: Thoughts needed

    oh 1fallen !

    I think I've ran my course here @ UF
    Say it is not so
    We volunteers do serve - some with greater dedication than others.
    Please consider the nature of our mission - to serve and support an eco-system.

    As to :
    think I'm wasting my time in user forums.
    As the operating system has become more user-friendly and the more intuitive - the need to explain basics has decreased over the years, However we are still here to respond to those in need of answers. I see that the core of this forum remains a constant of those dedicated individuals who do devote time and efforts. There are few threads that do not get attention. My biggest regret is the departure of those with great skills no longer participating in support here on our forum. Each one leaving leaves a vacuum in the wake.

    even after all these years -
    we are in this together
    Please re-consider your thoughts in line with our purpose and the wonderful support that your skills render,
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    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: Thoughts needed

    Quote Originally Posted by 1fallen View Post
    I think I've ran my course here @ UF.
    Sorry for my late reply. I rarely look at this sub-forum.

    I have always appreciated your wisdom and input on these forums. I don't think we have been on the same thread herein for maybe a couple of years. Anyway, all the best to you.
    Any follow-up information on your issue would be appreciated. Please have the courtesy to report back.


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