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Thread: Hibernate On Low Battery - Not Working Properly on Gnome

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    Hibernate On Low Battery - Not Working Properly on Gnome

    Hello Everyone,

    I installed Ubuntu Gnome a few weeks ago (Fresh install) on my Dell XPS 13 laptop. I am having an issue with hibernate not working when reaching a critical low battery.

    The Issue:
    I’ve noticed that when my laptop battery reaches about 3%, I get a system message saying the system will enter hibernation mode very soon. Oddly, it seems that the computer goes into standby / suspend mode, because I can wake up the computer with the mouse, and does NOT enter hibernate mode. I tested and made sure hibernate works (by running systemctl hibernate) and the computer does hibernate properly without any issues when running the command manually in the terminal.

    The Problem:
    So, the main issue is the computer enters standby / suspend and not hibernate when the battery reaches 3%. I haven’t done much in terms of custom configurations, and it APPEARS that it should enter hibernate according to the system message that pops up on the screen. What should I do to check if things are setup correctly, and to fix the actual problem and have the computer enter hibernate when the battery reaches 3%?

    Other Stuff:
    I also forgot to add, that I did modify a few configs to enable a power management setting for when I close the laptop lid (and the machine goes into standby, this is expected), I also wanted the machine to go into hibernate after a specific period of time (60-min). Specifically, for the laptop to go into ‘suspend then hibernate’ functionality. To achieve this, I followed the steps outlined by “PRIHLOP” in the following post here:

    By modifying the sleep.conf and the logind.conf config files, I was able to get this working PERFECTLY as expected. However, I mention it because maybe that’s the issue preventing the laptop from going into Hibernate on low-battery, even though the System displays a message that it wants to hibernate on low-battery:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure this out.

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    Re: Hibernate On Low Battery - Not Working Properly on Gnome

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