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Thread: Steam stopped working

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    Steam stopped working

    I installed some updates this morning and now steam has stopped working.
    It doesn't look like there are any errors.

    $ steam
    Running Steam on ubuntu 20.10 64-bit
    STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
    Pins up-to-date!
    Steam client's requirements are satisfied
    /home/XXXXXX/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam -nominidumps -nobreakpad
    I don't see any error messages or anything. The steam client just doesn't come up.
    I've tried purging and reinstalling steam.

    I did blindly click the update, but I do recall seeing an Nvidia update in the list. Possibly something there?

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    Re: Steam stopped working

    nevermind. Quick reboot fixed the issue. lol
    Probably a driver update that needed a reboot, but didn't prompt for one.


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