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Thread: False PGP security

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    Angry False PGP security

    I've used PGP for many years, but recently it's security is compromised by conveniences in Linux.

    With recent versions of Linux, someone had the idea that the PGP 'Passphrase' should be stored in your local keyring. This is the worst thing to do because anyone that clicks on your e-mail client can read all your encrypted e-mails without having to enter the passphrase. For example, if you use your daughters name as your logon password, anyone can hack that simple password, then have access to all your PGP encrypted info.

    In the past, a person was prompted for the PGP passphrase every time. Then it was cached for a few minutes, which was ok. Now it's not even required. This needs to be fixed.

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    Re: False PGP security

    While you might get some advice as to how to make this work for you (for instance by making sure the keyring is used as expected), the Ubuntu Forums is not a venue for contacting developers to suggest a fix. The UF is a peer-to-peer end-user help site. We are all volunteers. Nobody here is employed by Canonical or, as far as I know, any group responsible for development or maintenance of the Linux kernel.
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