I was always cautious to keep work and personal things separate. Everything connected to the work PC/laptop/phone wasn't mine. It was property of the company. They'd used Bluecoat and MiTM certs to see all the traffic on the network and took periodic screen captures daily from all systems to ensure we weren't doing anything "bad". A few day traders were caught that way. People think they aren't being watched when the login banner clearly says the company does. Also, all phone calls were recorded. BTW, I worked in the IT architecture team and saw all the different systems which did this. They were running on everybody's laptop/desktop. No exceptions. It wasn't like I was a customer representative and "the phone calls were being recorded for quality control." ALL phone calls were recorded. All conference lines, all video chats, all text chats ... all recorded. GPS tracking on the company provided phone and all those conversations and all data on those devices was recorded too.

I even used a separate mp3 player rather than having headphones and using the audio of the laptop.
Keep work stuff separate from personal stuff.

sda, b, c, d, e, f, g should never be used in system settings or scripts. Those names are never guaranteed and often change names based on the order that each device is discovered. Always use either the UUID or LABEL in those. I don't really understand what you mean by cleanup?

Drives that aren't used by Linux shouldn't be in the fstab.

Be cautious with WD Passport devices. In the past, some were not compatible with Linux for some reason. I never had that issue, but you never know. The only reason I'd buy an external drive w/ enclosure now that I have a few docks is to shuck the drive. For some reason, WD has a habit of putting expensive HDDs inside their cheap USB enclosures and selling them for 30% less. I ended up with 2 8TB "Red" drives by shucking. The drives had the red label on them still.
Learn more about shucking: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder...ements_drives/

If the eject from Windows doesn't close the file system properly, then in Windows, just format the drive and eject it.
I really hope someone else will jump in with their greater knowledge on this.