I hope that this is the right forum for my query.

Explanation of what I want

  1. I have a few websites hosted by GoDaddy
  2. The websites are independent of each other (each has its own domain name, MySQL database, file storage area)
  3. I want to develop the websites on my machine rather than on the GoDaddy host (for speed)
  4. The sites need to be local only, because I don't have the skills to apply security against the wider internet
  5. However, the sites need to be able to access the internet, e.g. to install plugins and themes
  6. Once developed, I copy each website (files and MySQL database) to GoDaddy

I know how to do step 6 (copy a website to a new domain name, area and database); I've done that many times.

But what I don't know is how to set up WordPress on my own machine.

I looked at the Ubuntu tutorial for WordPress. That method seems to be for local only, which is what I want. But, the method seems to allow for only one WordPress site, rather than multiple independent sites.

Further information

  • I'm running a standard Ubuntu 20.04 desktop (not server)
  • If security is too hard or problematic for my desktop, maybe I could install a server on a VirtualBox and use that as the server for my websites?

Is there a "Local WordPress sites for Dummies" that I can follow to achieve this? It seems that it should be simple, but I don't understand the process and thus I could easily mess it up.

Thank you