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Thread: NFS not mounted at boot

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    Re: NFS not mounted at boot
    shouldn't work. It isn't a valid export.

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    Re: NFS not mounted at boot

    It shouldn't, but it definitely does.
    Obviously the /mp3 directory exists on a network drive.

    On my laptop the command sudo mount -a works. I understand it uses all the entries from fstab, but for some reason the same entires on boot don't work.
    Perhaps it's because the network is not ready yet at the time of mounting? But in theory parameter _netdev should solve it (a system waits with mounting until a network is ready).

    EDIT2: Check my boot process and I have services: -.mount, mount-win10.mount, boot-efi.mount and home.mount, then, then some other services and NetworkManager.service and networkd-dispatcher.service, and much later.
    Have a look here:

    Do you think this may be a problem?

    found another similar problem here:
    and tried parameter, but didn't work.
    Also found on other forums that disabling ipv6 may help, but in my case it didn't help too.

    EDIT4: seems like it was a network issue (network not ready). Added a Systemd service with a small delay and mount. 3 sec delay was too short. It was reporting as Network not reachable. Sleep 10 does the job. It mounts NFS share as intended.
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