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Thread: Kubuntu plasma tooltips color

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    Kubuntu plasma tooltips color


    I have installed kubuntu this week-end and i have installed some dark theme with plasma and kvantum.
    All works fine (even the notifications) but the tooltips/right click have not the right color or have bad margin (screnshoot below).

    How can i change this?

    I'm pretty ok if the solution consist to edit some config or theme file ^^

    problem screnshoot

    The good color would be

    system information

    - kvantum give me the possibility to have some blur in my windows i have installed the following theme : SpectrumSpite
    - In plasma I have :
    - in global theme : Ant-Dark
    - in plasma style : Ant-Dark
    - in application style : kvantum-dark
    - gtk2 theme : breeze-dark
    - gtk3 theme : breeze
    - in window decoration : layan w/ no-border
    - in colors : Breeze Dark
    - in icons : Fluent

    My config :
               `.:/ossyyyysso/:.               hadock@hadock-legion
            .:oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo:`           --------------------  
          -oyyyyyyyodMMyyyyyyyysyyyyo-         OS:       Kubuntu 20.10 x86_64  
        -syyyyyyyyyydMMyoyyyydmMMyyyyys-       Host: 81FV Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH  
       oyyysdMysyyyydMMMMMMMMMMMMMyyyyyyyo     Kernel: 5.8.0-43-generic  
     `oyyyydMMMMysyysoooooodMMMMyyyyyyyyyo`    Uptime: 2 hours, 53 mins  
     oyyyyyydMMMMyyyyyyyyyyyysdMMysssssyyyo    Packages: 1932 (dpkg), 15 (snap)  
    -yyyyyyyydMysyyyyyyyyyyyyyysdMMMMMysyyy-  Shell: zsh 5.8  
    oyyyysoodMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydMMMMysyyyo  Resolution: 1920x1080  
    yyysdMMMMMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysosyyyyyyyy  DE: Plasma 5.19.5  
    yyysdMMMMMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  WM: KWin  
    oyyyyysosdyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydMMMMysyyyo  WM Theme: Layan  
    -yyyyyyyydMysyyyyyyyyyyyyyysdMMMMMysyyy-  Theme: Breeze Dark [Plasma], Breeze-Dark [GTK2], Breeze [GTK3]  
     oyyyyyydMMMysyyyyyyyyyyysdMMyoyyyoyyyo    Icons: Fluent [Plasma], Fluent [GTK2/3]  
     `oyyyydMMMysyyyoooooodMMMMyoyyyyyyyyo     Terminal: konsole  
       oyyysyyoyyyysdMMMMMMMMMMMyyyyyyyyo      CPU: Intel i5-8300H (8) @ 4.000GHz  
        -syyyyyyyyydMMMysyyydMMMysyyyys-       GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630  
          -oyyyyyyydMMyyyyyyysosyyyyo-         GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile  
            ./oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo/.           Memory: 2381MiB / 15883MiB  
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