Hi all,

I at a loss trying to get my new, 2560x1440 screen working and I would welcome any input.

I just bought a BenQ BL2420PT screen whose highest resolution is 2560x1440. I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop with an Intel HD 4000 graphics card which supports this resolution on DisplayPort only. My laptop doesn't have a DP port but my docking station (Dell E-Port PR03X) does and some people do report being able to get their graphics card's highest resolution only via their dock.

However, whenever I try to connect my screen to my dock's DP port, it shows in system settings as 1280x800 and just stays dark. When I connect it with an HDMI or VGA cable I get the expected 1920x1080 and with my work laptop I can get 2560x1440 on HDMI.

Is there any way this could be a driver or otherwise software issue?

I'm using an up-to-date Kubuntu 20.04. I tried both the i915 and modesetting drivers and didn't see any difference in behavior. I have the proprietary "microcode" firmware installed.