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    I have been looking at ways to customize my Desktop.
    My requirements, as I have quite new hardware, is linux 5.9, but preferable linux 5.10, and a desktop similar to W10.
    I'm also most familiar with Gnome.
    Strted with installations of some linux distribution Ubuntu, Fedora Workstation with Gnome, openSUSE with KDE and Gnome, OpenMandriva with KDE.
    Decided to use an Ubuntu versions based on Hippo Hirsute with as few changes as possible.
    These are my two favorites
    Picture 1 is Ubuntu with the Gnome desktop and some extensions.
    Picture 2 is Ubuntu with the Cinnamon desktop and some applets.
    The work to customize the desktop is about the same.
    - Install Chrome and Flatpak support
    - Use gnome-software to install applikations
    - Install extensions on Ubuntu Gnome or Applets on Ubuntu Cinnamon
    - Install NFS support and acces to Ubuntu server
    - Install support of sensors required by the motherbord.
    My Brother HL-3140 CW works out of the box on both.
    Used More Tools in Chrome to get desktop shortcut launchers for Gmail, Google Drive and Google Kalendar.
    When you done this a couple of times, you will do it quite fast.
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    Re: Customization

    Not a Cafe thread, and as this appears to be about Ubuntu 21.04, thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version.
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