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Thread: out of control curser

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    out of control curser

    System: dual boot win 10 and ubuntu 20.04
    problem occurs on ubuntu 20.04 not windows
    The problem is the curser goes to the outside edge of the screen and the mouse cannot bring the curser back onto the screen. It either won't come onto the screen or will shoot across to the opposite side of the screen. It moves to fast to click on what I want as it goes past, and often I can't tell which edge of the screen it is on when this problem occurs.
    The trouble only seems to occur after 4 + hours run time, and intermittantly.
    The way I get out is to shut down and restart several minutes later if using ubuntu, or restart immediatly and go to windows
    This problem started in about mid december
    Thank in advance.

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    Re: out of control curser

    No replies in 6 days. so consider this thread dead and unsolved.

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    Re: out of control curser

    What might have helped is if you had bumped your thread 24 hours after posting when you didn't get an answer.

    When you leave a thread to settle to the bottom of the pile, people generally don't go digging for it.
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    Re: out of control curser

    Does the system have a make and model?
    Does the mouse have a make and model?
    How does the mouse connect to the system?
    Do you have the latest BIOS?
    Is the Ubuntu OS fully updated?
    If it is a USB mouse, is it connected to a USB hub or direct to the motherboard USB?

    Details please.....


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