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Thread: dd clone not working all of a sudden

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    dd clone not working all of a sudden

    OK... I have done this a million times with no issues. Now all of a sudden it's not working. I have a 4gb sd card that I need to mirror to another 4gb sd card. I have always done this with dd:

    sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=backup-020821.img status=progress
    4011180544 bytes (4.0 GB, 3.7 GiB) copied, 497 s, 8.1 MB/s 
    7843840+0 records in
    7843840+0 records out
    4016046080 bytes (4.0 GB, 3.7 GiB) copied, 497.759 s, 8.1 MB/s
    When I run the inverse to write that image to another card, however, it tells me that there isn't enough room:

    sudo dd of=/dev/sdb if=backup-020821.img status=progress
    3903283712 bytes (3.9 GB, 3.6 GiB) copied, 1201 s, 3.3 MB/s
    dd: writing to '/dev/sdb': No space left on device
    7626753+0 records in
    7626752+0 records out
    3904897024 bytes (3.9 GB, 3.6 GiB) copied, 1324.81 s, 2.9 MB/s
    I have tried two target cardsm one a micro sd and the other a standard sd, and get the same result. I can write it to a larger card, but 1) that's not what I want and 2) I want to know why this isn't working all of a sudden when it always has before.

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    Re: dd clone not working all of a sudden

    On one card 4GB means 4GiB ( 4*(1024^3) ) and on another card it may actually mean 4GB ( 4*(1000^3) ), so you should check how many bytes the card(s) actually contains: 4GB ~= 3,7GiB. Also cheap or clone cards may not even have the advertised space.
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