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Thread: VLANs advantages for Private Users

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    VLANs advantages for Private Users

    I have just started experimenting with VLAN on my router.

    With the exponential growth of IoT now it is not unusual for a family household to have 30+ (That may be low a estimate) devices connected to the LAN. All needed routing, most DHCP, broadcast messages etc. I do find with mine on occasions a device is connected to the internet but won't respond locally. Sometimes clearing the router's ARP record clears it but usually a reboot is required.

    So am wondering; for a home network is a VLAN a good idea? Would a normal user notice any difference? Appreciate the security aspect of isolating certain machines of devices but just curious what other forum members think.


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    Re: VLANs advantages for Private Users

    Your post will or should get you a few suggestions.
    You've peaked my interest here:

    Many routers can offer some isolation but the feature is often disabled and limited in scope.

    Support for VLANs is rare. Hardly any consumer routers support VLANs. None of the consumer oriented mesh routers support it. My recommended router, the Pepwave Surf SOHO, fully supports VLANs, but it is an advanced feature and disabled out of the box. You have to know a secret handshake (see below) to enable VLANs on the Surf SOHO.

    VLANS on Home Networks:
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