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Hi, I have got this pretty much working now. But one thing I don't get is how do I make desktop icons of the applications I install? Say for example I wanted to install a 32Bit version of Kaffeine (and I really do want to install a 32Bit version of Kaffeine) would I have to run it all the time as su or could I run it as an ordinary user?

I tried installing kaffeine the way that is set out above - but it failed miserably,

What I've been doing for that is making my own launchers manually. I've yet to come up with anything automatic for that... For example, I had 64-bit OOo installed, but it had lots of problems, so I installed it in the chroot. Then I went through linked the files to stuff like oowriter32. I then modified the launchers for OOo to point to the 32 bit ones and now I have the icons. That won't work in every scenario and is a bit of a pain... but hey we are bleeding edge now aren't we?