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Thread: "Ubuntu Mobile" 9.10 download?

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    Question "Ubuntu Mobile" 9.10 download?

    I was given a Samsung NP-Q1U. I think it would be fun to get something running on it.

    600MHz Intel Processor A100 CPU
    1GB (1x1GB) RAM
    40GB Hard Drive
    Intel GMA 950 Graphics
    7" Touch Screen LCD
    802.11b/g Wi-Fi

    I see in a few places that "Ubuntu Mobile" was installed, but I can't find a download of it. Anyone have a copy?

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    Re: "Ubuntu Mobile" 9.10 download?

    MODEL: NP-Q1U/000/SEA

    If it matters

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    Re: "Ubuntu Mobile" 9.10 download?

    Might be of interest . I started with 9.10, but don't know if it was compatible with that device or if there was a mobile project based on 9.10 .
    It would no longer be secure anyway. It's possible it could have used the Netbook Remix Edition variation .
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    Re: "Ubuntu Mobile" 9.10 download?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frogs Hair View Post
    It would no longer be secure anyway.
    I know it's not going to be secure. This will be air-gaped or home WiFi tunneled to my server only. But I know for a fact that XP was slow on it to start with. I might have to run Puppy, tiny core, or even DSL(N)

    But I might have to compile with newer kernel (and old firmware) and with updated apps. I just don't want to reinvent the wheel.


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