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Thread: setting up acl with samba

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    setting up acl with samba

    I am new to ACL and I am trying to accomplish the following. My setup is an LXD container, it runs NGiNX on it using the user nginx and group nginx. I have the following two users

    These two will need to have access to directory /var/www/data that would be shared across the networking via samba but so does nginx as it will too

    I was told that ACL would be a good option since I don't have to worry about making sure all users needing access. Currently nginx has chown over /var/www in total. I have ran the following commands:

    setfacl -m u:Jillsmb:rwx /var/www/data
    setfacl -m u:Bobsmb:rwx /var/www/data
    My samba config:

    comment = Office Share
    path = /var/www/data
    valid users = Jillsmb, Bobsmb
    read only = no
    create mask = 0777
    writeable = yes
    browsable = yes

    But I am still getting permission denied when accessing from Windows 10. Where am I messing up?

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    Re: setting up acl with samba

    What are the permissions on /var and /var/www look like?

    If /var/www does not have at least read permissions for said user (as in "other" group access), then it may be impossible for said user to reach the /var/www/data folder.


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    Re: setting up acl with samba

    You also have other options.

    Since years ago samba was the natural option when windows computers needed to access a linux server. But with Win10 if I am not mistaken, there is NFS-Client feature that you can activate/install.

    This will allow you to export paths from the linux server in a more native way, without having samba in between, and connect to them from windows computers. You still need to consider permissions but this setup would be more native and easier to manage.
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