Hello guys!
Here is my problem, any help would be much appreciated!
I had Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 dual boot. Then one day I was updating Ubuntu to 20.10 version but during the process a power outage happened which messed up the system.
Soo from GRUB menu I was still able to boot either Windows or Ubuntu. But Ubuntu drops to recovery prompt shell. I tried to fix the system... to no avail.
I've installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.10 from a live USB. Here is my disks setup: a separate physical disk for Ubuntu, a separate physical disk for Windows and a disk for media files which I use on both systems.
I don't know where is my GRUB2 was installed during the previous Ubuntu installation.
Now when I want to get into GRUB menu and select an OS to boot, there is a trouble. If I select any of my drives as first priority boot, I got a GRUB message:
grub error: disk 'lvid/{%MANY_CHARACTERS%}' not found.       Entering rescue mode..
Then if I disable secure boot in BIOS Settings, there appears an option in BIOS to boot Ubuntu.
I've tried using boot-repair from live USB, no success...
I need to repair my GRUB so that I can boot either Ubuntu or Windows from it. Looking for help.
Sorry for a dummy question, just trying things I googled doesn't work
Thanks in advance!