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Thread: How to set up SSH access to my router?

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    How to set up SSH access to my router?


    I am using an ZYXEL router (418N). In its NAT Application section I enabled SSH. There it asked for a server IP. I put IP of my computer, from which I am trying to access my router via SSH.

    If I do "nmap routerip" I don't see port 22 listed as open. I see

    23/tcp   open  telnet
    80/tcp   open  http
    5431/tcp open  park-agent
    On my computer if I do "nmap localhost" I see

    80/tcp   open  http
    443/tcp  open  https
    3306/tcp open  mysql
    8080/tcp open  http-proxy
    9502/tcp open  unknown
    9503/tcp open  unknowwn
    On my computer I can SSH to my webserver, so I know SSH is working fine on my computer. I just can't figure out why I can't SSH to my router. The router also has NAT setup and port triggering, but I didn't tough those since I thought it was enough to just enable SSH. When I do "ssh user@routerip" I get "Connection Refused"

    Ideas on what I need to do?
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