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Thread: Sudden "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1" when I run mpirun

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    Sudden "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1" when I run mpirun

    Suddenly whenever I run mpirun I get the error
    Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
    . I think this might have started after I killed a command using mpirun that had been launched from a python console.
    I looked at $XAUTHORITY and found noXauthority file. I also tried
    xhost +local:
    in the terminal since it was suggested somewhere but the problem remains.

    I have only used mpirun to run things locally on my pc.
    For the most part mpirun does still seem to do what it is supposed to, but I believe it also now creates errors in things that were working perfectly before.
    Simply running the below shows the warning for example (nonsense minimal example):

    /usr/bin/mpirun -n 1 echo "bla"
    I tried many things suggested on various websites such as creating a new .Xauthority file by the steps described in and setting the $DISPLAY value to :0 or :0. Nothing helped. When I created a new .Xauthority file and then deleted it did give me instead the error
    No protocol specified
    instead. I can go back to the magic cookie error by recreating the .Xauthority according to the steps in the above link.

    System: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    P.S.: I also asked the question on
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