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Thread: Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu

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    Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu


    I'm looking at making the leap from Windows to Linux.

    Whilst I have already used Ubuntu before, I was wondering whether anybody could please suggest any suitable resources for learning Linux and Ubuntu?

    In terms of background, I am a fairly experienced data scientist but I am looking to improve my skill set and knowledge further.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu

    If I might make a suggestion: A leap often leads to a fatal fall. Using a bridge is a course of action less fraught with danger.

    For your learning period, I would recommend using Ubuntu (or whatever distro you choose) in a virtual machine. That way you can keep Windows and wreck your Linux install as often as you would like while learning -- without leaving yourself completely without a working machine. Just reinstall Ubuntu to the virtual machine or restore an older snapshot.

    As far as learning materials, there are many. You will likely get dozens of further responses. But you can start here.
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    Re: Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu

    A leap often leads to a fatal fall
    while i can appreciate that advice , i went the other way . one day just decided enough of windows and did a little research on which linux distro i could start with .
    started with mint and later switched to xubuntu. wiped windows and installed linux only ,and never looked back .
    best move i ever made lol.
    there are tons of tutorials for linux on the web , and if you get really stuck ,i'd say this forum helped me out on a few occasions.
    happy linuxing
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    Re: Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu

    Well, when I was first learning linux, I liked reading about its historical roots in Unix. It's ancient stuff, but a lot is still useful today.

    So stuff like the following:

    Dennis Ritchie's papers and publications on Unix:

    Unix Seventh Edition Manual

    Plan 9 from Bell Labs

    A great book is: Brian W. Kernighan, The Unix Programming Environment


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