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Thread: BUG? Replaced drive mounts with old label.

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    Question BUG? Replaced drive mounts with old label.

    I might have come across a minor... albeit annoying... bug in the Gnome desktop. I have all of my physical drives set to be auto-mounted at startup.

    I replaced a dying drive with an identical make & model (but newer.) The new drive has a different label than the one it replaced, yet Ubuntu (20.04.1 LTS) mounts the drive with the old drive's label.

    "GParted" shows the correct label. I'm not sure how to get Ubu to display the correct label but I shouldn't have to adjust anything manually. It should be automatic.

    The reason this is a problem is b/c I'm copying files from the old drive to the new one, and it gets confusing when both drives have the same name.

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    Re: BUG? Replaced drive mounts with old label.

    Where are you auto-mounting them?
    How are you auto-mounting them? (how did you set auto-mounting)
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