I had been executing a very large backup of video files from my home area to an external USB drive. Part way through it hung and I rebooted. Unfortunately the boot failed. I think if I remember it said it couldn't access my boot disk but not 100% sure that's what it said.

I inserted my boot-repair DVD and accessed boot repair. I remember also when it asked me did I want to update I said yes. I have used boot repair before and remember it did everything automatically but this time it gave me instructions to execute various commands in a terminal which I did (but didn't take a note of what they were)

Completed boot-repair and pasted report http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Ns5DQkWnq4/

Rebooted and it again but said couldn't boot because it couldn't find disk 2a6fbbec-b2b4-417f-aea9-c0c1244b92ee which was my sdb6. Back into boot repair.

This time it said it couldn't complete repair and on examining pasted report it was obvious it had lost all but one if my partitions http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/G4ThmmPWcR/

Question is, is there any way I can recover any of the data but especially the sdb6 partition from the first report.