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Thread: Re: Program to replace my... paper filing system thing?

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    Re: Program to replace my... paper filing system thing?

    EDIT: can someone link a tutorial video explaining all the different tools in Ubuntu, such as Libre Office, Libreoffice Writer, Calc, etc., etc. Is there a tutorial showing all of them?

    I have a piece of paper, I'm literally using a ruler to draw lines to separate "username", "passwords", "emails", "other". I think it looks like an excell type of thing, but I don't know how to use excel.

    Is there a linux program where I can store info that I need when I need to log in to the 100's of different websites that I go to? I'm dealing with law firms right now, and getting spammed with so many "how can we assist your legal needs", and I can't keep pencil/papering writing all these username/passwords/emails down. Is libre office the program? I'll try it and see.

    Or am I looking to use Calc? [SOLVED] Calc seems to be the program for keeping track of log-in information like passwords and emails and stuff.
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