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Thread: where is Lubuntu going?

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    where is Lubuntu going?

    In another thread:

    I expressed the opinion that Lubuntu has become bloated. Ml1904 disagrees & says:

    I'd like to address your concerns that Lubuntu is "severely bloated":

    I run Lubuntu 20.04 LTS in standard configuration.
    The / partition takes around 8 GB.
    RAM usage after boot is around 320 MB. Starting my web browser increases that to around 680 MB.

    My laptop has 2 GB of RAM and runs very fast and reliably with 20.04. I've never had problems with space. My swap partition is practically inactive.

    Just to give you a few numbers as opposed to beliefs.

    Concerning mini-Lubuntu: AFAIK it doesn't exist any more.
    The oldest Lubuntu I know about is 14.04. The release notes say:

    RAM required: 128MB, bottom line, slow but usable
    says the RAM required is:

    16.04: at least 384 MB, 18.04 & 20.04: at least 1GiB

    The live CD/DVDs are: 14.04: 700MB, 16.04: 932MB, 18.04: 1.1 GB, 20.04: 1.7 GB.

    2GB of RAM is what Microsoft recommends for Windows 10. Also Windows 10 will and Lububtu
    20 will not run on 32 bit PCs. (I am aware that W10 needs a lot more disc space). Lubuntu
    was originally a lightweight system to run on out-of-date hardware. It is now changing into
    something quite different.

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    Re: where is Lubuntu going?

    Quote Originally Posted by mringer View Post
    It is now changing into something quite different.
    And, your point is ?

    It's no secret that Lubuntu "changed direction" some time ago.

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    Re: where is Lubuntu going?

    You seem to have conflated the ideas of "bloated" and "more useful, powerful and feature-rich". "Bloated" indicates more stuff with no benefit.

    Imagine if Ford attempted to sell a 2021 Falcon that was identical in visuals, performance and features with a 1966 Falcon. It would not sell. People will buy the original as collectors' items, however. Ford found that out when they tried to market a retro "Model A" and lost a lot of money.

    A big difference is that a 1966 Falcon doesn't connect to the web, so you don't have to worry much about security vulnerabilities.
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    Re: where is Lubuntu going?

    For that matter, when I first downloaded the Ubuntu ISO image it could be burnt to a Read/Write CD. Then things changed and a Read/Write DVD was needed. So, what? My first install of MS-Dos was on a Floppy disc. It ran from the floppy disc. I have used Linux from a floppy disc. All less than 1MB in size. But all command line only and MS-Dos could only run one application at a time. Linux could run more than one application at a time but they had to be launched from different command line terminals. And no Graphical User Interface or mouse. Everything by key combinations.

    Blame Apple. Blame Microsoft. Blame the manufacturers of Games. All producing software that needed more storage and more powerful hardware. The Linux developers need to keep Linux relevant. So, the Hardware Enablement Stack gets larger as more drivers are added. The Desktop Environment and User Interface developers need to keep their software relevant to the expectations of users and potential users.

    But look in a different direction. Look to the internet of things and see how a very slimmed down Linux can work very well and be very secure if developed by distributors of Linux who know what they are doing. Think of the operating systems in vehicles and baby monitors that are being hacked. It is one thing to produce a slim OS but another to produce a secure, slim OS. But start adding a DE & GUI and applications that need a GUI and then see how so-called bloated the install becomes.

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