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Thread: sharing samba users

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    sharing samba users

    How can I assign multiple users to a samba share? So let's say i have a share /var/www/stuff that I need to have ownership to www-data user but also to allow certain samba users to have write access as well. So let's say I have samba users, Bill, Ben, Jill, Lily, to /var/www/stuff I need to have www-data to have ownership of it but also to have Bill and Jill to be able to access it as well. Can this be done? If so, how?

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    Re: sharing samba users

    One trick I've used in the past is to run Samba with the "force user" and "force group" options. This tells Samba to use a specific user or group for all file transactions at the operating system level regardless of the identities of the logged-in users. I used this for a company which wanted to limit its accounting system to a specific group of users. In this case we didn't care which user wrote a specific file to the system (the software handled that) and wanted to insure all of them could access every file.
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    Re: sharing samba users

    Create a group, make sure all users are in it then make sure you force group permissions.
    There are probably a bunch of ways to accomplish this depending on your needs.

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    Re: sharing samba users

    I would utilize groups. Users can be in multiple groups. You can have "grp_users" assigned to the share for full read/write capability which allows all users to connect to the share and then limit permissions at the file/folder level. Here is a very simplified overview.

    Example of Group (users):
    grp_users (jon, joe, mary, jane)
    grp_providers (jon, joe, jane)
    grp_accounting (mary)
    grp_nurse (joe, jane)
    grp_doc (jon)
    Folder structure (owner of folder):
    share (grp_users)
     |--> providers (grp_providers)
     |--> accouting (grp_accounting)
     |--> users (grp_users)
         |--> jon (jon)
         |--> joe (joe)
         |--> mary (mary)
         |--> jane (jane)
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