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Thread: OEM password after factory reset

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    OEM password after factory reset


    I'm very new to linux. I recently got a machine with ubuntu pre-installed, toyed around with it extensively, then did a factory reset just to get me back where I started.

    Problem is now the user is OEM, not me. I see this 'prepare shipment to end user' thing, which i assume would remove the OEM user and ask me to add myself as a sudo user upon reboot. But it requires a password. So what do I do?


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    Re: OEM password after factory reset

    If it's a Zareason, you might want to try your first name.

    If that doesn't work, doesn't creating root "sudo passwrd" (notice, no "o" ) work?

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    Re: OEM password after factory reset

    This is the Ubuntu guide for doing an OEM install. It does not help you. The OEM has to set a password. But once clicking that icon Prepare Shipping to End User the next re-boot will allow the purchaser to set up his/her own user account and password.

    I suggest trying the company's name. This OEM password does not have to be clever or secret because once the Prepare shipping to end user icon has been clicked the OEM user is removed. Does the user manual have anything to say about it? Does the suppliers web site say anything about this?

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    Re: OEM password after factory reset

    I had this exact very frustrating problem and could not find any solution. Finally I just started putting random passwords in and guess what?? The password was "password". That unlocked everything and got me back on track. I hope it works for you. Good luck!!


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