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Thread: Ubuntu unusable due to too small a partition

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    Re: Ubuntu unusable due to too small a partition

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadaen_Sylvermane View Post
    I know for awhile laptop hard drives were an easy swap. I'm not sure about newer models though. The thinner they get the less room for a traditional 2.5 drive. As such I would fear that they may be following apple in the idea of built in drive space. This effectively means you need to get the drive space when you buy it. Not upgradeable. I'm only theorizing of course but it's an inevitable thing as these things get thinner as I mentioned above. Usb 3.0 / thunderbolt can make this moot but then you have to drag around an external.
    I would be surprised and disappointed by a soldered hard drive in the PC world. What I expect will become common is M2 SATA or more likely NvME. An M2 drive is approximately the size of two sticks of chewing gum and are commonly available in 1 TB capacities. Of course the PC's motherboard must have the appropriate connector and BIOS support.

    Edit: Holy Cow! I was browsing Amazon and Inland (of all manufacturers) is advertising a 4 TB M2 2280. Inland drives are typically value propositions. I have a couple Inland SATA drives, they're middling performers but seem reliable.
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