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Thread: Problem with cron scheduling

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    Problem with cron scheduling


    I just installed ubuntu server to a raspberrypi. Earlier I used raspbian buster and did not experience the below problem.
    I set up some jobs to root crontab.

    Mount on starup works:
    @reboot mount /dev/sda /media/pi

    Wakeonlan scheduled to a date doesn't work (every day at 06:30):
    30 06 * * * /usr/sbin/etherwake 70:85:C2:72:4F:F80
    Otherwise the command itself works.

    For testing purpose I set up these:
    * * * * * echo ‘Run this command every minute’ >> /media/pi/every_min.txt
    32 12 * * * echo ‘Run this command at a specific timely’ >> /media/pi/spec_time.txt
    The first one works (create an entry evry minute) but the second one never.

    sudo grep CRON /var/log/syslog
    this command shows the successfull jobs but nothing about the failed.

    Could you please help me what might have gone wrong?

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    Re: Problem with cron scheduling

    The format of the examples you have given look fine. Here are 2 thoughts.

    1. Perhaps you are editing the file directly rather than via 'crontab -e', in which case cron would not receive a signal to re-read the file.
    2. Perhaps your system default timezone isn't what you expect.

    Maybe it's something else, but those are my 2 thoughts.

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    Re: Problem with cron scheduling


    The default time zone had to be corrected.
    Thanks for the help!


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