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Thread: Covid-19 pandemic vaccination software

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    Covid-19 pandemic vaccination software

    I have just been thinking about the latest UK government announcements about vaccinations and the logistics requirements. I did a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation and concluded that each UK GP practice would need to vaccinate around 10 to 100 patients per hour at 8 hours per day and 7 days per week in order to achieve the goal of vaccinating 20% of the population in 3 months. There are many logistics problems to be solved and the first one involves the patient records. Patients have to be selected and notified. When they receive the vaccination, they need to be identified and recorded and sent away with a piece of paper showing their vaccination status. I'm thinking something like a ballot ticket or an airline ticket in 2 parts, maybe with a barcode or QR code. I wonder is it possible to develop software to generate the notification and recording paperwork. 100 patient notifications per practice per hour. The software would need to start from a name and address and a suitable identification number (NHS number?). It needs to be simple to use and reliable and run on as many platforms as possible and it is needed now. 7 days would be good, 2 months is much too late. While I am thinking mainly about the UK, I expect that the requirement is world wide. Most likely the doctors will want to stick with established systems but I can't see them operating at the speed required.
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    Re: Covid-19 pandemic vaccination software

    This thread has nowhere to go but into the realm of politics.

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