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Thread: Windows 10/7 boot don't start

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    Windows 10/7 boot don't start

    hi, i have a pc with pop!_os installed, i would like to go back to windows 10 for gaming problems. but I can not, after I create the key with the boot of windows 10/7 and I go to the bios and I click the key, it still continues to start ubuntu without even giving me windows errors. why? what am I doing wrong??

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    Re: Windows 10/7 boot don't start

    Thread moved to the "Windows" forum.

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    Re: Windows 10/7 boot don't start

    I can't tell from your post what you have installed. You indicate you have Pop OS and your thread title shows windows 7/10. Do you have either or both 7/10 installed. If you have 10 installed still and can't boot it, I would first suggest you access the BIOS firmware immediately on boot and look for a TPM option, probably under security. If it is not enabled, enable it. Otherwise, post exactly what you have installed.

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    Re: Windows 10/7 boot don't start


    Duplicate here

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