I just purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad 5; 1920x1080, UHD graphics.
Long story short, I'm pretty happy with this laptop but the display is super harsh and my retinas are melting. Toning down the brightness doesn't fix the issue. Neither does fussing with the night light/ blue light filter. The backlight is very strong and I feel like the color levels need adjusting. I went to the color profile to see if I could fuss with that, but there I got a bit stuck; The only device listed is the laptop screen itself. The drop-down box reads 'Automatic- 81YH' and there is no option to create a new profile. It does have the option to delete the exiting profile, but I didn't know if that would screw things up or that if I did so, I wouldn't know how to proceed. Does anyone have some suggestions for me? I'm a desperate Ubuntu novice.

Ubuntu 20.04.1 / Gnome 3.36.8