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Thread: OpenVPN and DNS suffix

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    OpenVPN and DNS suffix


    my current openvpn configuration on client side successfully establishes connection and works fine (with openvpn --config cmd), but I'm unable to properly set DNS suffix in order to use short names for IP resolution.

    In my openvpn configuration I have set following (with dummy ip):
    script-security 2
    dhcp-option DNS
    dhcp-option DOMAIN home.local
    dhcp-option DOMAIN-ROUTE .
    up /etc/openvpn/update-systemd-resolved
    down /etc/openvpn/update-systemd-resolved

    When I establish openvpn connection, it properly sets tun0 interface:
    Link 22 (tun0)
          Current Scopes: DNS       
    DefaultRoute setting: yes       
           LLMNR setting: yes       
    MulticastDNS setting: no        
      DNSOverTLS setting: no        
          DNSSEC setting: no        
        DNSSEC supported: no        
      Current DNS Server:
             DNS Servers:  
              DNS Domain: home.local

    and also ads the domain in resolv.conf file:
    nameserver      # 1st ISP DNS
    nameserver      # 2nd ISP DNS
    nameserver    # 1st custom DNS
    # Too many DNS servers configured, the following entries may be ignored.
    nameserver    # 2nd custom DNS
    search home.local        # Domain defined in openvpn config file

    In order to use ping cmd for shortname and FQDN resolution, I have updated nsswitch.conf file by moving "dns" in front of "[NOTFOUND=return]". But issue with nslookup still remand (which is logical, since it doesn't use nsswitch.conf).

    Now my problem is with resolve.conf file. Even though "search home.local" parameter is set, it's set as the last line in file. When I hardcode it to be a first line, the nslookup cmd works fine. But when it's defined as last line, nslookup cannot resolve shortnames.

    Is there some way that I can set "search home.local" to be the first line in resolve.conf through openvpn config (I'd like to avoid any extra scripting and hardcoding)?

    P.S. When using Ubuntu GUI for setting it's VPN everything worked fine after setting nmcli:
    nmcli c modify home ipv4.dns-search 'home.local'

    Only difference between VPN gui and openvpn cmd, when connected, (as far as I noticed) is in the DNS set in "systemd-resolve --status":
    VPN GUI:
    DNS Domain: ~.

    OpenVPN cmd:
    DNS Domain: home.local
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