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Thread: Python doesn't write when log files are rotated

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    Python doesn't write when log files are rotated

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to rotate my logfiles. What I'm doing is correctly rotating my logfile, but Python no longer writes to the file after it is rotated. I'm rotating the files using a simple bash script, and I'm calling that script once per minute using crontab.

    I'm pretty sure that I can fix this in Python using the os library, something like test for my logfile, if present use it, if not create it...and then take the "touch" function out of my bash, but I really want to understand what is happening here.

    Also: I can tail -f my example.log and I get updates, but when I look in the file, it is empty. This is the confusing part!

    Here is my quick Python script:

    import logging as templog
    import time
    def basicLoopFunction():
        print("Starting Function....")"Starting Function....")
        while True:
    My log rotator looks like this:

    # Script to manage log files
    rm /home/shadow/dev/logTest/example.log.1 &> /dev/null
    mv /home/shadow/dev/logTest/example.log   /home/shadow/dev/logTest/example.log.1 &> /dev/null
    touch /home/shadow/dev/logTest/example.log
    and my crontab line is:

    * * * * * /home/shadow/dev/logTest/logrotate
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