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The easiest method I've found for creating slide shows is to make an animated GIF. Typically I use the GIMP for this, opening the first photo normally, then using "Open as Layers" and selecting the remaining photos. It's easiest to have the files ordered appropriately beforehand, but you can move around the layers in the GIMP document if you want. Choose Export, enter a .gif extension, and choose animation and loop forever. Specify a reasonable time for each frame to be on screen like 5000 ms.

You can also do this from the command prompt with Imagemagick convert.

I don't know about loss of quality but I don't see much decline if any. I've typically done this with ordinary personal photos where high fidelity isn't really the issue.

Thanks for your advice.

The reason for me running OpenShot to create slide show are;
1. I can add background music
2. I can add narration
3. I can add fade-in, fade-out etc.
4. I can add sub-title
5. etc.