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Thread: CentOS Transplant

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    CentOS Transplant

    Hey Guys;

    This is just more of a comment than anything, and a shout-out to the Developers of Ubuntu. Given the recent news of the eventual demise of CentOS, I started looking at converting to Ubuntu. Let me just say the package availability and ease of use allowed me to figure out in 4 days, what I was never able to get working on CentOS 100%. AMAZING! My use case is unique; SAMBA Active Directory, with Client Login/Authentication, and FFMPEG NVIDIA HW Coding Support, with Plex Media Server. I am absolutely stunned, (and delighted) to find all of these things are packaged, ready for the installation, and ease of configuration.

    Absolutely LOVING what I see so far, Great Job!

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    Re: CentOS Transplant

    Welcome aboard. Glad you found rescue here. Sad about the Centos debacle. I used once upon a time.

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    Re: CentOS Transplant

    colomusicman; Hell0 2

    You may find something in here of interest too:

    Migrating to Ubuntu LTS: six facts for CentOS users -

    hope this helps
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !


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