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Thread: Connecting 2 Ubuntu servers to each other

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    Connecting 2 Ubuntu servers to each other

    I have 2 old office pcs which I downloaded latest ubuntu server release(20.04.1 lts). And I want to connect each other so I can only have to ssh one of them and I can combine their hardware.

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    Re: Connecting 2 Ubuntu servers to each other

    Beowulf clustering is what you should look for. Depending on your load it may or may not be worth the effort.

    One of those "sounds like a good idea".
    But in practice more trouble than necessary or worth.

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    Re: Connecting 2 Ubuntu servers to each other

    "Combine their hardware" for what purpose exactly? If it's only for file sharing, there are much easier solutions than building a Beowulf cluster like running NFS.

    By the ways, servers are generally not very CPU intensive so the gains from clustering for most services is pretty small.

    As an example, I have a virtual server at Linode that provides mail and web services and runs both MySQL and PostgreSQL. It has a load average of about 0.05. The laptop I'm using at the moment has a load average ten times that.
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